Are you ready to have an inbox full of tutoring clients wanting to work with you?

The Find Tutoring Clients Masterclass is my six-step formula designed to help you start thinking more like your clients and less like a tutor. 

You will dive deep into what your clients are struggling with and what they need the most from you.

After completing this training, you will understand what type of social media posts are going to get your ideal client's attention. 

You will be able to see the difference between posting on social media just for the sake of posting and posting with the intention of attracting your ideal tutoring clients!


  •  Find Tutoring Clients Training (Video) 
  •  Find Tutoring Clients Training (Audio) 
  •  Training Notes 
  •  Action Steps Checklist

"The class gave me ideas. I created Facebook business page and so far one parent contacted me through it!" 

- Mary Beth Morley, Math Tutor

I had a month or two where things were very quiet, and I was thinking the social media thing was a waste of time.  

In the past week and a half, I received two new clients through social media -- two from Instagram, and one from Facebook.  

My point is to just not give up. There will be times when it’s a bit slow and you want to, but having your own business and the freedom to work when you want, is priceless. It’s a great business and it’s worth the hard work. 

- Christian Adams, Online K-8 Tutor

Griselda Beaumont, Online Reading and Learning Specialist


Sylvia Browne, Online GCSE Tutor